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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some highlights of my evening...

- A man asking me for an OTC recommendation for a HUGE open wound on his arm (it was clearly infected). When I told him it was infected and he needed to see a doctor, he said he refused. Okay, good luck with that.

- A frantic mother with her litter of kids, tearing up my waiting area while she picked up anti-anxiety meds. Later, discovered a half-eaten donut from her child on the counter.

- Lady calls asking if the sodium content in her beverage would have a negative effect on her BP. After answering, she proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation, basically with herself, while I was on the line. Everything from how certain foods exacerbate her GERD, to how she hates that she's aging, to telling me about her middle-aged son who lives out of state, to how she hates herself - that's H-A-T-E, but not to the point that she hears voices (???WTF???). I finally had to interrupt and say, "I'm sorry, is there anything else I can answer for you? A doctor is waiting to give me a prescription on the other line."

Her response? "OH! Is he single?!"

Done and DONE. Good night. I hope I win the frickin' lottery, I can't do this for 20 more years.

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