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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tourette's, NOS

A lovely little woman comes to the counter and wants to buy a few OTC items. Everything about the transaction was normal - she places them on the counter, cue friendly greeting, I scan the items and announce the total - until she begins her payment.

"I'm gonna use DEBIT!" she shouts, in a harsh voice. Not a raised voice, an actual bark.

"Okay, great!" I say, attempting to appear unphased. She actually sounds mad, but it's clear she is not, as she is smiling the entire time.


This continued on until her payment was complete. And then, in the most calm and collected manner, she said, "Thank you so very much. And your hair is lovely," and strolled away.


K2 said...

Oh, I would so totally love to have 200 of her than the usual customers who actually do bark at us! This made me laugh, picturing the exchange. Poor woman, she probably has to deal with so many non-understanding people every day! And your blog is outstanding.

The D-Bag Daily said...

Thanks! She probably does get a lot of people who don't understand her. She sure confused me at the time!