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Monday, January 25, 2010

Now, SHE could use some benzos...

This weekend I had the pleasure of donating blood at a local drive. They had trailors set up in the parking lot where the techs were working, and a registration table set up inside the lobby of the establishment who was hosting the blood drive.

Flash forward to me sitting in the lovely recliner in the trailor, as I'm being drained of the red stuff. A middle-aged woman starts her way up the stairs of the trailor and opens the door. A few words are exchanged between her and the technician, who pleasantly told her she needed to register and obtain the paperwork in the lobby first.

You would NOT believe the tantrum she threw. Out of nowhere, I hear SCREAMING! She was pissed because she didn't know where to go. "You guys really need to get your act together! I don't know where to go! Why don't you put some signs out! This is RIDICULOUS!"

Granted, I didn't know where to go when I pulled up in the parking lot either. But wouldn't common sense tell you to go inside of the shop who is sponsoring the event, and, I dunno...maybe ASK someone? Just sayin'.

I hope she got the technician she bitched at. HELLO! NEVER scream at the person who is about to stick you with a needle...

These people...what has happened in their lives that they have to be so angry at the world? Chillax, people.

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