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Monday, January 11, 2010


Have you ever noticed how tampon boxes report their absorbency?

The side of the box has the levels of absorption listed, but what gets me is how they are classified. For example, "Regular" is defined as 6-9g of fluid. What normal person knows how many grams of flow they have? I realize they need to define this in some measurable, quantifiable way, but is it really necessary to put it on the box? I don't stand there in the drug store and go, "Yeah, let's see...I shed 6-9grams of endometrial lining. That's about right!"

But then I got to thinking about my experiences in dealing with the public, and the ridiculous things that people will complain about. Some idiot probably called and complained that she bought the "Super" and it wasn't enough, or whatever. (Hi, do you not know when you're leaking?) So now, when you have an incident due to the failure of your feminine products, you'd better know your facts (in grams) before you go calling and blaming Tampon, Inc!

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