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Monday, September 21, 2009

Can I Get Fries with that?

I'm picking up balloons as a favor for my neighbor - she's throwing a surprise birthday party for her mother's 50th. This turned out to be a much more complicated task than I expected.

First of all, my dumb ass didn't read the receipt she gave me - it said 3pm pickup time. I showed up at 2:40. Woops. The place is a TOTAL zoo, and the girl behind the counter tells me she will do her best to get them done by 3pm. No big deal; working in retail pharmacy, I know what it's like to have a bunch of people staring at you and waiting impatiently. I run another errand and come back after 3pm.

As I'm waiting in line, this little snot is in front of me watching the two women who are blowing up her balloons. I couldn't believe what came out of her mouth:

"Uhm, excuse me. Can't you, like, blow them up bigger? Like that other girl is doing?" She points to the other lady. SERIOUSLY, girl - they're frickin' balloons!! It's not like this lady was blowing up some sad little under-inflated balloons. We're talking small differences here. My patience is running thin because I have to A) listen to this bullshit and B) wait behind her while they explain to her that not every balloon can be blown up to the same size. "But, those are blown up bigger...so why can't you make mine bigger?" UGH.

Finally, I get to the counter and the balloons are finished. Four bunches of a very specific color scheme. I'm carrying them out the door when the staple from my receipts cuts a nasty hole in my finger - I mean, the staple was actually stuck and I couldn't get it out!

THEN, as I'm loading them into the car I somehow let go of one of the bunches. Eff. I go back in the store, get back in line behind three more idiots, and explain how my clutsy ass let one of the bunches go. No problem, they said. What colors? Can't remember. Two pink, 1 magenta, and 2 vanilla? Or was it 2 magenta and 1 vanilla? Aghhh.

The lady could clearly see that I had lost all patience and was kind enough to help me pick out the colors again, blew them up immediately, and wouldn't let me pay for the extra balloons.


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