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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"A" for Effort

We sent a fax to a doctor to clarify a new prescription he wrote for a patient, which had no strength OR directions. It read something like:

Anna Smith
Refills: 0
Signed: Dr. Jones

Considering the drug comes in several different strengths, this isn't something we can make an assumption about. And she's never had it before, so we can't really go by what she's had in the past.

So, after faxing the doctor with a request to clarify the dose and sig, you know what he faxed back to us?

The same sheet of paper that we faxed to him, and right next to the statement, "Please clarify dose and sig" with a HUGE arrow indicating the missing information, he wrote:

OK - Dr. Jones.

Thank you...SO MUCH. Now we get to explain to the patient, two days later, why we can't fill her new medication. Dr. Jones must have a lot going on!

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