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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day After Holiday = Hot Mess

Here's a suggestion - if you don't like to wait for your prescriptions, DON'T COME at the BUSIEST TIME OF DAY, especially the day after a NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

Why is it that when people go to a popular restaurant at dinnertime, they're not surprised to hear the wait for a table is 30-45 minutes - but when they show up at a pharmacy during rush our (the day after a holiday, no less), they're stunned at how busy it is? I mean, you don't walk into a Starbucks at 7:30am and think you're going to be the only customer waiting on your nonfat-extra-foam-two-pump-sugarfree-vanilla-extra-hot-latte, right?

Common sense would tell you that, if you have little to no patience, you simply avoid places at peak times. Want a car wash? It's a Sunday afternoon and it's sunny and 75 - dare I go to the Delta Sonic? NO. I'll go another time, instead of driving up to find a line of cars so long that it backs up into the street.

Just saying...

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Amanda said...

As an impatient person, I have to agree. Figure out when everyone else is going to be there, then don't go.

Like, I wouldn't make my kids an appointment at the peds on a Monday. We'll be there all day.

Grocery store? I go on Sunday mornings when all the "good" people are in church.